Our Services

Oil and Gas Services

SerQu Limited provide Oil & Gas Exploration and Production services. Our consultants and specialists have extensive experience in Drilling, Wireline, Completion and Artificial Lift Systems. Our Consultancy and Training programs are top notch. We understand the Nigerian terrain and are poised to partner with global service providers to deliver quality service in Nigeria and the entire West Africa.

Provision of Industry Software Systems

SerQu Limited have developed a portfolio of industry based Software systems. Our SafeOps software has become indispensable in the Oil and Gas, Agriculture and Construction industries. With our software, our clients have ensure that the entire operations are performed, safely, optimally and within budget. Actions of employees become more visible, KPIs are closely monitored and improvement plans are swiftly executed

Training and Consultancy

We provide Engineering Training, Manpower Development, and Feasibility Studies. Our training facility presents oil industry equipment, samples and models to ensure that concepts are internalized. We also organize internships in larger companies so that trainees to obtain the experience necessary for continuous quality performance.

Recent Works